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 State of the Guild: the Year End Update 2008

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PostSubject: State of the Guild: the Year End Update 2008   Wed Dec 31, 2008 9:03 pm

The State of the Guild: Very Good

We could be better, but we could be and have been worse off as a guild. And I thank each of you that makes it possible for me to make that happy statement.

As most of you know we took down The Gargoyle Boss last night, our first T2 downing in the modern era. Congrats all! We can be putting him on farm status from here on. Other T2 bosses will fall in the near future, I predict.

We also defended our battlekeep against several comers yesterday, and while they trashed the outer city, they failed to get the keep below 70%, meaning our battlekeep remains the only one on the server, and has never been taken. (The battlekeep was rebuilt at once, of course.)

It's fair to say we dominate the Bluesteel server. Our numbers are strong (I estimate over 100 individual players.) By moving forward in T2 raiding, we look to get good momentum going into the server merges. We also have only one more T3 building to complete in our city, the Architect's Workshop. All this will make recruiting reasonably easy come the mergers. We will also be attractive allies, should that be required when mergers are finished and we face new political challenges

I'm enjoying the game. Sure I have some beefs with FunCom, but the bottom line for me is that AoC is the best MMO out there, with nothing in view in the near future that I'd want to be a part of.

So, thanks to everyone yet again. Happy New Year! It's an honor to be your GM, and I look forward to a 2009 winter and spring of continued gaming pleasure with you all.
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State of the Guild: the Year End Update 2008
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