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 Update Notes Patch 2.0 (September 3rd, 2008)

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PostSubject: Update Notes Patch 2.0 (September 3rd, 2008)   Mon Aug 25, 2008 7:04 pm

Preliminary Patch Notes for September 3rd (Patch 2.0)
**These notes do not necessarily reflect the final version that will be deployed on Live**

* Several client crash and assertion error causes were addressed.
* The Noble Villas have been optimized. Some players should experience a noticeable increase in performance.
* Shield of the Risen will now be given to new characters when they reach level 5.
* Facial expressions have been added to a number of emotes.
* Female characters can now use the "pointdown" emote.
* The following emotes now work for both male and female characters:
cheer, excitedclap, excited (formerly jig_f), flirt, hugefish, lightheaded, pushaway, trance.
* Players will now use the crawl animation when sprinting while swimming.

* You may now have up to two Team Heal effects (Renewal, Healing Lotus, Emanation of Life, and Martyrdom) running simultaneously.

Priest (General)
* Vindicator will now properly affect Soldiers who joined a group in Defensive Stance.

Rogue (General)
* Quick Dismount will no longer go on cooldown if used while moving.
* Quick Dismount will now work even with weapons drawn.
* Using Quick Dismount while riding a mammoth or a rhino will now result in an actual dismount, rather than just an ability cooldown

* Assassination (2) buff will now properly appear in the Buff GUI instead of the debuff GUI.
* All Assassin combo damage and stamina costs have been rebalanced to match some newly adjusted animations.
* From the Darkness and Ambush should now occur correctly, when performed from stealth.

* Cyclone of Steel II is now usable only with the correct weapon type.
* Ambidextrous will now increase off-hand chance by 2%/4%/6%/8%/10% per respective rank.

* Rend Flesh's bleed effect will now stack in the proper order.
* Changed the name of the feat 'Improved Wrath' to 'Improved Fire Weave.'
* Changed the name of the feat 'Lingering Wrath' to 'Lingering Fire Weave.'
* Changed the name of the feat 'Skirmisher' to 'Fleet of Foot.'

Dark Templar
* Invulnerable Soul now increases the amount of damage absorbed by Covenant of Invulnerability by 2/4/6/8/10 points per respective rank.

* Fires of Gehenna will now have a 1 second cooldown applied to it after using Greater Flames.
* Chaotic Blast's damage component can now perform critical hits.

* The Defiance heal effect will now use the proper icon in the buff GUI.
* Impale combo now has a squelchy fleshy sound when used.

Herald of Xotli
* Tweaked the animation played for Pillar of Infernal Flame.
* Burn to Death I, Molten Steel Slash I, Pillar of Infernal Flame I now have new icons.
* The duration of the Flame Tongue buff has been increased from 8 seconds to 10 seconds.

* Blasphemy's cast time has been reduced to 2 seconds.
* Touch of Winter will no longer overwrite Ice Shackle's snare effect.

Priest of Mitra
* Empowered Repulse should also increase the length of the knockbacks by 1 meter for each point.
* Holy Conquest's bonus holy damage on the Devotional Prayer spell will now properly affect teammates.
* Channeling spells now use correct amount of mana per tick. Players should no longer be able to cancel spells early and recast them for a reduced mana cost.

* Cripple and Cripple Enemies now have new icons.
* Flesh Ripper and Piercing Shot IV now have new icons.
* Leghold Trap should no longer ignore Root Immunity.
* Traps should not triggered by corpses anymore.

Tempest of Set
* Inner Charge will now properly remove its effect after casting Lightning Strike.
* Set's Life Spark will now wait until you are fully dead before trying to resurrect you.

* All Channeling spells now use mana, even if it is a small amount...
* The base spell Immunity chance on all players is now 5%.
* The base spell Immunity cap on all players is now 15%.
* Sidestep will now increase the player's Immunity Cap by 10%.
* You can no longer go into hiding while fighting a much lower level NPC.
* Fixed a bug where, if your current target went into hiding, you wouldn't be able to target him again when he reappeared unless you'd targeted something else in the meantime.
* Combat transitions for all characters dual-wielding any combination of weapons should now be smoother.
* Female polearm users who double tap should see a correct animation.
* Charge can no longer be used on non-alive targets.
* All weapons should now work correctly with the combos available to that weapon type. (ex. Guardian combo Slaughter).
* Combo timers are now adjusted to not time out when the server lags.
* The female charge animation has been corrected to not throw the female backwards anymore.

* When shift-clicking a character name in chat, information about that player will be shown in yellow in the same window you clicked in.
* Players should no longer see duplicated buff icons for some abilities on their clients.
* The modified damage multipler in various tooltips now shows up with percent values, as intended.
* Combo and spell tooltips should always display with gray text now.
* Maps updated for Tortage Island, Tortage Day, Tortage Night, and the volcano.
* You will now see an onscreen message when you cast a targeted spell without a target.
* Combos should now show more information about what they are doing. Also, the order in which this information is displayed has been changed.
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PostSubject: Re: Update Notes Patch 2.0 (September 3rd, 2008)   Mon Aug 25, 2008 7:05 pm

* Fixed some visual issues for player city buildings.

* Fixed an issue with tier 5 one handed edged weapons. These can now all be dual wielded.
* All vendor-bought resources purchased will appear in the "Bag" tab and not the "Resource" tab of the inventory.
* Sacrarial Cabochon Iolite will now give the proper invulnerability bonuses.
* Cotton and Cottonwisp can no longer be found on NPCs.
* Guardian tier armor wrist and gauntlet pieces will now give bonuses to polearm and 1h weapons.
* Fire and Glory spear is no longer tiny.
* Loot has been distributed to the new chests in Atzel's Fortress.
* Bloodsire Boots should no longer cause weird ankle animations.
* Dark Templar raid armor, such as Gauntlets of Baleful Blood, now only gives bonuses to 1h weapons.

* Mounting rhinos while having your weapons drawn should now work.

* Removed long range bows from NPCs.
* Npcs will not try to attack players that have left the playfield anymore.
* (Eiglophian Mountains) Chief Uruk'A has dinged, and is now a higher level!
* (Imirian Ravine) Blade Champion Krol should now reset properly.
* (Imirian Ravine) Deatheater Setmorpok has had his name changed to Deatheater Setkanh.
* (Kheshatta) Scorpion Archers should now behave normally, and exit stealth when agroed.
* (Kheshatta) Selkhetite Archer spells damage has been changed, and has been nerfed to proper values. They should also no longer bypass damage deflection (Such as PoM Hand of Mitra)
* (Scorpion Cave) Scorpion Abomination should now regenerate health less frequently.
* (Tarantia Noble) Fading Black horses should now have animations.
* (Tarantia Noble) Aviton's pants are no longer clipping with his tunic.
* (Tarantia Noble) The Nemedian Archers have decided to use arrows again.
* The spell Sabazio's Constriction cast by the Blood Constrictors in the Sabazios encounter will now damage players as intended.
* Agroed deer should once again have animations while chasing you.
* Yetis have had their textures corrected.
* Gameplay in the Tarantia Noble Disctrict Villas has been updated.
* Bosses in the Main System are no longer mezzable.
* Har-Shebesh should no longer become passive in some rare situations.

Massive PVP
* You will no longer incorrectly learn a siege camp resurrection point when you are not in a guild.
* Ballistas will now properly despawn after a tower is destroyed.
* You can now attacking Siege Buildings with melee, spells, and siege weapons.
* Several collision fixes done for Battlekeep buildings.

* All members of a murderous group now receive the full penalty, instead of sharing it.
* Minigames - You will no longer be able to have different tier players in your team when your team joins a match.
* Minigames - Buffs for carrying the Skull have been renamed to 'Carrying Skull.'

QUESTSDestiny Quest (Priest)
* Awakening II: Defend the townsfolk - Waymarker changed to an area waymarker so it's easier to spot.

Destiny Quest (Rogue)
* Awakening III: The Tortage Keep instance has been revamped slightly.
* Awakening III: Ulric should no longer sleep with his eyes open.

General Quest
* (Atzel's Approach) War Standard - Should have a slightly more interesting quest ending.
* (Atzel's Approach) Kidnapping and Torture - Added feedback when interacting with the last palisade.
* (Conarch Village) Rotten Molars - The drop rate on teeth has been changed. Now 2-4 teeth will drop per mob.
* (Eiglophian Mountains) Flowers of the Snow - Corrected waypoint for returning to Nola.
* (Eiglophian Mountains) Rithrall will now speak to the player in the quest 'Convincing the Hunter'.
* (Field of the Dead) The Price of Treason - Quest item added.
* (Field of the Dead) The Rescue of Isobail II - Now has a more accurate waypoint.
* (Field of the Dead) The Curse of the Werewolves - Now has a larger area waypoint.
* (Kheshatta) Grim Grey God - Added animations for interacting with the sarcophagi and pedestals.
* (Kheshatta) "Heady Kaphil Liquor", "The Spice in the Sand", and "Anuket Spring Water" quests have had item respawn rates tweaked.
* (Kheshatta) The Abomination - Item rewards will now be given out correctly.
* (Khopshef) The Aberration - Hamadi should now patrol correctly at all times.
* (Khopshef ) The Dead Devotee of Derketo should no longer be selectable when you are not on the quest.
* (Khopshef) The Slave Rebellion - The cage key will now drop correctly.
* (Scorpion Cave) Quest "The Four Accursed Keys" has had it's goal coordinates set properly.
* (Tarantia Noble) Catus for the quest "Nobles of Tarantia" has been moved, and the quest coordinates updated.
* (Thunder River) Moonshine - An Empty Bottle will now be spawned in the player's quest inventory when starting the quest.
* (Thunder River) The Kitten - The bottle of milk now has an icon. Also, the cat now correctly patrols and eventually despawns
* (Villa Verde) The quest "Noble Valuables" has been changed. Vandal Despoilers will drop the loot bags now.
* (White Sands) Garden of Cursed Mysteries can no longer be completed outside the search area.

* Slotted gems should now appear in armor consistently, even after zoning.
* "Padparasha" gems have been renamed "Padparadscha".
* The tradeskill merchant Graehm in Lacheish will now sell Common Thread.
* Resource & Gathering: The chance to get rare resources from tier 1 and tier 2 resource nodes has been increased.
* Teardrop Amethyst now requires the correct gem, Flawless Amethyst.

* Atzel's Fortress has been re-textured and re-lit.
* (Poitain) Rocks near buildings can no longer be scaled.
* (Tarantia Noble) Several texture issues on buildings were corrected.
* (Tarantia Noble) The climbing point in Villa Amiel is now functional.
* (Tarantia Noble) It should no longer be possible to clip your camera through the wall in the Catacombs.
* (Tarantia Noble) Both Torches and Braziers have had their names fixed.
* (Tarantia Noble) Numerous collision fixes done here to improve movement through areas.
* (Tortage) The Seadog Mansion now has a proper roof.
* (Tortage) Added some fish in the ocean outside the beach.
* (Tortage) The Coastal Caves have been revamped to make it easier to find your way around.
* (Tortage) All ladders should be usable and work correctly.
* (Tortage Night) Players should no longer be able to climb outside the playfield.
* (Wild Lands) Fireplace flame effects should no longer be visible on house floors.

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PostSubject: Re: Update Notes Patch 2.0 (September 3rd, 2008)   Mon Aug 25, 2008 7:05 pm

**These notes do not necessarily reflect the final version that will be deployed on Live**

* Tradepost - The sales commission is now added to the price of the item and withdrawn from the buyer.
* Tradepost - You will no longer be charged a fee for changing the price of your item.
* Corrected several typos in dialog in many areas.

Rogue (General)
* Agile Mind is now a clickable. The cooldown is 9 minutes, and is reduced by 3 minutes per rank.
* Escape Artist will now always work. The cooldown is now 3 minutes, and is reduced by 1 minute per rank.

* Thirst For Blood will now properly increase the player's Stamina Regen values.
* Arcane Marauder will now properly drain mana with 4 feat points invested.
* Buffs from Reaver Stance will now display a stack count in the GUI.
* Buffs from Blood Rage Stance will now display a stack count in the GUI.

Bear Shaman
* Blood Champion will now give the proper buff effect when one point is invested in the feat.
* Blood Champion will now proc off Blood Flow (Rank 1).

* Rend and Tear will now improve the damage over time effect from Bloodbath I.

* Frenzy and Defensive stance no longer persist after zoning.
* Pressing ESC to abort a fatality will not make it appear that your opponent is dead anymore.
* Pets will now teleport with you when you zone.
* When you die, all the pets that were alive will respawn when you ressurect.

* The time display while in Tortage Underhalls at night should now be correct.
* PvP health/mana/stamina taps will now be displayed as intended in tooltips.
* The red skull should always appear over your own head when you are murderer.
* Items that you can not use no longer prompt you regarding their BoE status.

* /guild should now always work after zoning.

* When you dismount a horse, your regular runspeed will always be applied.

* (Lacheish Plains) Farghan no longer has looping dialog.
* Emotes and camera angles have been implemented to all 11 tradeskill dialogs.

* PvP XP is now only given if the opponent player is above gray con to you ( ie. no more than 7 levels below you or higher, and cons a color to you).
* Murderpoints are now given if the player you kill is more than 7 levels below you. (ie. that player cons gray to you).
* If under attack while you have Shield of the Risen active, out of combat regeneration is no longer stopped. This stops a griefing technique where spawn campers could stop you regenerating.
* Grouping or trading with criminals will reset your criminal timer.
* PvP levels gained will be shown as an onscreen message.
* PvP damage has been further tweaked to do less DPS than the damage done in PvE.

Massive PvP
* The gate will now display a message when the damaged state is preventing you from opening it.
* City gates are now functional until the gate is heavily damaged.
* The city gate will no longer receive an extra lever after repairing it.
* It's no longer impossible to repair a destroyed city gate.

* (Conall's Valley) The Gambler's Gambit - The collision in the Spider Cavern has been fixed, and it is once again possible to pick up the debt money to finish this quest.
* (Destiny Quest - Priest) Awakening II - The Red Hand Inquisitor Leader will no longer spawn above level 20.
* (Destiny Quest - Rogue) Awakening I - You should now be able to stealth without every guard spotting you.
* (Destiny Quest - End Battle) The Red Hand High Priest will no longer spawn above level 20.
* (Khopshef) The Roots of the Earth - Quest goal has been updated with correct name, Darkroot.
* (Lacheish Plains) Brandoc Village - The waymarker for this quest has been made more visible.
* (Pyramid of the Ancients) Dangers of Decadence - The key is now removed your inventory when you free Shali.
* (Tarantia Noble) Paetus and the Nemedian Crown IIII is now named Paetus and the Nemedian Crown IV.
* (Tortage Underhalls) Gold and Gore - Looting rings from corpses should work correctly.

* Reduced the bonuses granted by all Invulnerability, Evade, Fatality, Offhand Chance, and Damage gems by a significant amount.
* Alchemist Cache no longer contains the easily accessible vendor-bought resources.
* The Skinner dialog now works,and resolves the quests to allow you to continue in the class.
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PostSubject: Re: Update Notes Patch 2.0 (September 3rd, 2008)   Mon Aug 25, 2008 7:11 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Update Notes Patch 2.0 (September 3rd, 2008)   Mon Aug 25, 2008 7:11 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Update Notes Patch 2.0 (September 3rd, 2008)   

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Update Notes Patch 2.0 (September 3rd, 2008)
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