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 Update Notes Patch 2.13

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PostSubject: Update Notes Patch 2.13   Thu Sep 04, 2008 3:47 pm

Preliminary Patch Notes for September 10th (Patch 2.0)
**These notes do not necessarily reflect the final version that will be deployed on Live**
These changes go with the past Patch 2.0 changes, to see them please go here


* Feat Trainers are not retraining feats as intended.

* Fixed the random seed on characters for animations
* Pressing ESC to abort a fatality will not make it appear that your opponent is dead anymore
* Fixed several client crashes and asserts
* When creating a new character you should no longer see lots of spam messages about gaining abilities etc after the cut scene at tortage beach is over.
* Path of Asura will now display where you are bound to.
* Servers with High Load should no longer show in server selection.
* The modified damage multipler in various tooltips now shows up with percent values, as intended.
* At times reapplied buffs would show 2 icons, this has now been fixed.
* Shield of the Risen is not given to new characters until they reach level 5.
* Added the 3 PvP regions to the worldmap.
* Sound system was optimized, lessening memory usage and improving performance.
* Improves sound output during massive battles.
* Fixed action animations playing on equipped weapons as well (for bow animations, in particular)

* All Channeling spells now use mana, even if it is a small amount...

Soldier (General)
* You should no longer be able to charge corpses.

Priest (General)
* Vindicator will no longer be removed when the Priest dies.

Rogue (General)
* Fixed being able to get a double sneak attack/mezz shot from stealth.
* Mountaineer will no longer be removed when the Rogue dies.

* When executing From the Darkness in stealth, you should now properly leave stealth.
* Clarified the tooltip and combat log for the Blindside ability to show that the target is the one losing the stamina specified.

* Rampaging Horde now works for any class nearby, not just Barbarians. Description has been updated to reflect this.
* Rampaging Horde will now increase in duration based on the number of feat points invested. The duration is now 12/15/18/21/24 seconds per respective rank.

Bear Shaman
* Iron Hide will now properly absorb all damage from the next hit inflicted on the Bear Shaman.

* Your permanent pets will now follow you when you zone, and if they are alive when you die, will reappear when you resurrect. Temporary pets do not follow you when zoning, nor reappear after your death.
* Shrink now has a new icon.
* Fixed an issue with a certain rank of Soul Spikes giving twice as much Magic Shielding value.

Herald of Xotli
* You should no longer move like in slow motion when exiting demon mode while moving.

* Your permanent pets will now follow you when you zone, and if they are alive when you die, will reappear when you resurrect. Temporary pets do not follow you when zoning, nor reappear after your death.
* The spell Misdirection will now display an On Screen message when trying to cast when no targets are in range.

Priest of Mitra
* Channeling spells now use correct amount of mana when they are percentage of mana cost

* Incapacitating Stabs I now has a new icon.

* Fixed a bug where, if your current target went into hiding, you wouldn't be able to target him again when he reappeared until you'd targeted something else in the meantime.
* You can no longer go into hiding while fighting a much lower level NPC.
* Combo timers are now adjusted to not time out when the server lags.
* Added possiblity for unarmed players and pets to crit.
* Cannot charge a player/npc that is already charging someone else.
* Fixed the break on damage% for spells. For example, The Immolate Combo does a fear effect that should break on chance of damage.

* Combo/Ability Tooltip titles are no longer blue, and are back to grey.
* Combo Tooltips should now show extended information, such as combo starter, combo finisher, and effect over time.
* You can no longer open multiple skill reset windows.
* Windows in the GUI should now remember their locations and not reset to their default location.
* Guild Search defaults changed to the following; guild member count to 1 to 100, guild level range to 1 to 80, and group member count to 2 to 5.
* Added a Quest Sharing GUI
* When shift-clicking a character name in chat, information about that player will be shown in yellow in the same window you clicked in.
* The channel "Character Improvements" will display new featpoints, skillpoints, spells, combos and abilities.
Item loot will be shown as a clickable link in the chat (Item Loot channel)
* The "General" tab is now the default tab for new characters.
* Only chat channels you can talk to will display their channel name in brackets before the actual chat message.
* Need/Greed rolls have been moved to the Need/Greed rolls channel and will display a link to the item in question instead of just the name.
* Improved the mouseover tooltips for items to better describe *why* a given item cannot be used by your character.

* Added feedback to the guild bank when not enough money to withdraw.
* The item delete on the guild should now show the name of the item.
* Seller search field is no longer case sensitive.
* Added a Cancel button when adding or removing money from guild bank
* Mail: Changed the sorting of the columns, now it should be possible to sort properly on each one.
* After deleting a mail the view now jumps to the next available mail (if any) instead of displaying the compose view again.
* Mail: The money field is now hidden if there is no money attached, shows the amount otherwise.
* Mail: Changed timeout format from displaying a date to displaying the remaining days.
* Added Seller Price and tradepost fee to the item tooltip.

* Larozzo should now show that he has a tradeskill quest for the players.
* Armorsmith: Moonsteel-Studded Armband, Girdle and Bracers now use the proper quality leather to make.
* Weaponsmith: Swapped around the names of the goals in the Tier 2 Weaponsmith "Swords" quest so that they accurately reflect the items whose creation they are updated by.
* Some of the jewelcrafting quests will no longer tell you that you need a thieves guild building to make the items.
* Fixed message when failing to harvest Aurichalcum.
* Emotes and camera angles have been implemented to all 11 tradeskill dialogues.
* Leather resources have now a chance to drop of wildlife mobs at all level ranges (lvl 20-80).
* Fixed typos in the Alchemist dialogue.
* Ironsilk Cloak and Fine Ironsilk CLoak now require armorsmith workshops
* Corrected some armosmith items in requiring the Armorsmith Workshop III
* Architect: The costs of tier 2 and tier 3 building materials has been reevaluated and adjusted.
* The Bloodsilver Broadsword now require 6 copper to make in addition to the hilt and silver components.

* Items that you can not use no longer prompt you regarding their BoE status.
* You should no longer get a prompt about BoE when moving an item too or from an inventory type that can't be equipped from.

* changed the respawn in Atzel's Fortress

* Using your mount as a weapon should no longer gain bonuses from effects that were intended to only affect the player. As an example a Assassin "ordering" it's horse to bite someone should no longer deal poison damage if Poison Stance is active.
* Mounts should now properly deal siege damage. Horses are also doing siege damage, but rhinos and mammoths will still be a bit more efficient.
* All attacks from siege mounts should do siege damage (including normal arrow attacks)
* Mounted players will no longer stand up on top of their mounts after getting knocked back when too close to damaged siege buildings

* The player city guides will no longer give you the option to teleport to your guild city if you are not in a guild.
* Npc's will not try to attack players that have left the playfield anymore.
* [Fight Club]: Marlia the Cimmerian have had her abilities tweaked.
* Some NPC's in Noble District will now walk around statues rather than over them.
* Arachnid Worker: Reduced the damage and proc rate of his poison proc.
* The Niflerus NPC's should aggro properly.

* Can now attacking Siege Buildings with melee, spells, and siege weapons.
* When a siege battle starts the defending guild will now properly discover their battlekeep ressurection point.
* Your siege weapons should no longer continuously say: "Your siege weapon is unable to fire at the current location!"
* Player City Guards will now detect hidden enemy players.
* The Attacking guild will now properly get the siege camp resurrection point when the vulnerability window opens.
* Fixed a bug that kept Vulnerability Windows open outside their allotted time.
* The city gate will no longer recieve an extra lever after repairing it.
* It's no longer impossible to repair a destroyed city gate.
* You should no longer get teleported out of the playfield when you leave your group in the Border Kingdoms.
* Battle Keep guards should no longer get confused about who to attack during a siege.

* If under attack while you have the Shield of the Risen active, out of combat regeneration and resting are no longer interrupted. This stops a griefing technique where spawn campers could stop you regenerating.
* The hour duration note no longer appears in the Criminal debuff tooltip.
* Spells with multiple game actions no longer flag you as a criminal if they break the stealth of the target.
* PvP XP is given if the player you kill is higher than 8 levels below you (Coloured conned)
* Murderpoints is given is the player you kill is lower than 7 levels below you (Grey conned)
* Leaders of innocent groups are warned when inviting a criminal.
* Innocent players are warned when being invited to a criminal group.
* Team members are notified when a team member performs a hostile action that will flag the team as criminal.
* Grouping or trading with criminals will reset your criminal timer.
* PvP health/mana/stamina taps will now be displayed as intended in tooltips.
* All members of a murderous group now receive the full penalty, instead of sharing it.
* You should now get a on screen message stating "You gained a new PVP level!" whenever you gain a pvp level.
* Team Propagated Criminal debuffs will now take 1 minute to propagate.

* All minigame team displays use the small person icon now.

* (Purple Lotus Swamp) The ladder near the armorsmith trainer in Purple Lotus Swamp is now properly climbable.
* (Catacombs) Fixed various camera and collision issues.
* (Villa Camillus) Fixed some missing textures.
* (Eiglohpian Mountains) Fixed some issues of getting stuck in some areas.

* Tongue of the Raven: Charad now dies much faster after poisoning him
* Atzels Approach: The quest "The Crown of Acheron" will no longer mention the Bane spell in the journal text, as only Mages and Priests are able to get it.
* In the Thunder River quest "Absolute War", the quest goal now tells the player to talk to Pavo. And the waypoint is correct.
* Master of Gargoyles: Changed "Kill Excorant" to "Defeat Excorant"
* In the Eiglophian Mountains quest 'Enemies No More', Nera now gives the player the boots when the trade updates.
* In the Eiglophian Mountains quest 'The Blood-Furred Beast' we haveincreased the radius of the bounded area that triggers the locate, reduced the area the mammoth roam within.
* Khopshef Province: Quest "The Troubles of Thutmekri": Players should no longer have any problems with not being able to interact with friendly NPCs after killing quest targets.
* Added 13 new quests to Eiglophian Mountains
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Update Notes Patch 2.13
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