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 Update Notes Patch 2.17

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PostSubject: Update Notes Patch 2.17   Thu Sep 04, 2008 3:48 pm

Preliminary Patch Notes for September 10th (Patch 2.0)
**These notes do not necessarily reflect the final version that will be deployed on Live**
These changes go with the past Patch 2.0 changes, to see them please go here and here.

* Maro and Mara will now give you 30 gold when boosting you.
* Maro will now give you pvp level 3 when boosting you to 80.
* Fixed the equipment spawned by Maro for level 80 demonologists.
* Leveling NPCs should spawn the "Traveling Home" quest when teleporting you out of Tortage.
* After using a leveling NPC (Maro or Mara) you should always bind to the city you arrive in.

* Fixed root animation extraction.
* Made foliage removal to behave properly when disabled.
* "Interrupted!" will no longer be shown twice in chat when using the rest ability.
* Particle effects are not played on the character selection screen.
* You now get xp and can level by discovering resurrection points if you cross the needed amount for the level.

* /say should now be working again.


Rogue (General)
* Fixed locking of the hide skill that sometimes occur after resurrecting.

* From the Darkness can be used while visible again.

Dark Templar
* While running the spell 'Soul Barrier, if you parry, evade, block, or the attacker misses, it will no longer go off your absorb shield.
* Blood for Aid I and III now has the same duration as the the other ranks.

Herald of Xotli
* I Eat Your Heart will now properly heal the Herald after killing a minion.
* I Eat Your Heart will now properly spawn a Blood Pit after killing a minion, with the proper feat trained.

Tempest of Set
* When a player is charmed, he will follow the same rules as other pets (cannot be attacked by you, your team or your raid).

* You can no longer shoot a bow or crossbow while moving.

* When vieing your Tradeskills and viewing Recipes these windows should now remember their location and no longer open to their default location after closing and reopening them.
* PvP Minigame win/loss stats now displayed in the GUI
* Added PvP Kills and PvP Deaths fields to the player info window.

* Updated the mail text gotten from the Tradepost.
* It is now possible so search for items using Item Rarity.
* Added Times out column to the Search results list on tradepost.
* Added Times out field to the Item tooltip on tradepost.

* Gems can no longer be added to items from bank or guild bank. Only from the backpack and tradeskill inventories.
* All tradeskill bows should have 20 meter base range. Additional range are added as item modifications.

* Adjusted the sell prices on the PvP Items.
* Fixed a bug with the Bloodcrest Bracers making the lower arm transparent.
* Fixed layering issue with the male Tasset of the Martial Paragon. This should be fixed on all tiers of armor for the Conquerer.
* Fixed a bug with the Hammersteel bracers making the lower arm transparent.
* Fixed a bug with the Dark Templars Chestguard of the Wicked (PvP Armor) that would make holes in your character.
* PVP shield Skirmisher's Sanctum and Skirmisher's Great Shield have had their shininess toned down, they no longer look like they are glowing.

* Using your mount as a weapon should no longer gain bonuses from effects that were intended to only affect the player. As an example a Assassin "ordering" it's horse to bite someone should no longer deal poison damage if Poison Stance is active.
* Characters jumping while moving on horseback will no longer freeze when they land if they let go of the movement keys before landing

* The player city guides will no longer give you the option to teleport to your guild city if you are not in a guild.
* Drunken Pirates have had their bandanas personally fitted for their heads.
* PvP Vendors can be found in Lion's Market of Old Tarantia. There are shops in Khemi and Conarch Village where you can find the PvP Vendors as well.
* The NPC's Adofo and Abasir have no longer the use gear icon on them when the user hovers over them.
* The quest NPCs Sheana, Raelina and Fendaen will now display quest markers when they have available quests.
* Have placed a new mob in Khemi called Recruiter Nadik that will teleport players to a pvp area.
* Yakhmar now casts "Blizzard" and no longer steals spells from Kylikki.
* The Gurnakhi Honorguard should no longer randomly reset.
* Asapon will now correctly spawn at all times outside the Atlantean Cave.

* If under attack while you have the Shield of the Risen active, out of combat regeneration and resting are no longer interrupted. This stops a griefing technique where spawn campers could stop you regenerating.
* Defending guild mercenaries can no longer gain points by killing attacking players.
* The new Channel "Siege Scores" will display point gain in siege combat.
* Siege weapons are now immune from fatalities.
* Building points gained by mercenaries will be rewarded to attacking guild as intended in the first place.
* Attacking siege buildings with melee/ranged or unarmed will show correct damage on the client.
* Changed the Ballista to use the correct spell.
* Changed the Ballista Hit spell to not hit players.

* If under attack while you have the Shield of the Risen active, out of combat regeneration and resting are no longer interrupted. This stops a griefing technique where spawn campers could stop you regenerating.
* Diminishing returns for killing the same character multiple times per day.
* Adjusted the leveling curve for pvp levels.

* Wild Lands of Zelata, quest "Curse of Flies": This quest has gotten a small overhaul. A quest goal marker has been added, and the Acheronian Chest should now work as intended.
* Eiglophian Mountains: Quest "Wolves and Lambs": The door on the cage inside the Cannibal Cave should now actually open when the player frees the captive children
* Conall's Valley - The Lurking Horror: Quest now has a waymarker leading to the Spider Cavern.
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Update Notes Patch 2.17
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